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5 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing An Orthodontist

Taking your child to get braces can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if it’s your first time. Getting braces or any orthodontic treatment is a serious endeavor, and is one that requires time and consideration before diving in headfirst. With this in mind, Randall Orthodontics has compiled a list of the most common mistakes

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7 Common Bite Problems & How Braces Can Fix Them

A person’s “bite” refers to how their upper teeth and lower teeth meet inside the mouth. In a perfect world, everyone’s bites would come together seamlessly without the need for orthodontic intervention. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for most of us. A malocclusion or “bad bite” is when the upper teeth and lower teeth don’t

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Summer Treats: What Your Rigby Orthodontist Recommends

Winter holidays aren’t the only times to enjoy delicious treats. Summertime is just as notorious for fun and yummy foods as it is sunshine and long nights. But all of that can seem pretty difficult when you have braces to consider. Sticky, hard, or sugary foods can lead to loose or popped wires, plaque buildup,

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How To Take Care of Your Braces: 4 Ways to Protect Your Teeth

Getting Braces and taking proper care of them mean’s that you’ll have to adjust some of your regular oral hygiene routines as well as, possibly changing some of your eating habits. While this transition can be hard at first, over time it will start to become second nature. Much of the information provided in this

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Traditional Braces Vs. Clear Aligners

Have you been considering getting braces for a while, but aren’t sure which type of braces would be the best for you? Most adults who are considering getting braces narrow it down to two different types of braces, traditional braces (which in this case could refer to metal, ceramic or even clear bracket braces) and

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Can Braces Cause TMJ Disorders?

If you’re one of the 10 million Americans who suffers from TMJ problems, chances are you want some answers about what is causing these issues and how to fix it. TMJ stands for the Temporomandibular Joint but is also commonly used to describe the disorders or problems associated with this joint. Issues with the TMJ

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How Braces Work To Straighten Your Teeth

If you have ever wondered how braces straighten teeth, you are not alone. There is a good chance that you have always wanted braces or know someone that has had them. You may have noticed the different colored rubber bands every few weeks or a straight, perfect smile of friends or family. If you want

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