"Dr. Randall and is staff are very competent, very friendly and accommodating. I found the Damon Braces to be comfortable. I never had any problem with them. I wasn’t really that aware that I had them on until I looked in the mirror. I love my new teeth. I am very happy that I went to Dr. Randall and had this done. I would tell anybody to go there."
Marcia Wrablic
"He explains things well. He was very personable with me and my daughter who has braces now. I got my braces off sooner than expected. I had the Damon Clear Braces on the top and I liked those. I am happy with the end result. My teeth look good; they are nice and straight and even. Dr. Randall was good to work with. His staff was great."
“After having our six children all wear braces and seeing how great their smiles were, I decided to finally do it myself. As I had gotten older, my bite had become narrower and several of my teeth had shifted. I worried that it would continue to narrow and that my teeth would continue to shift even more over time.

My sister had braces a few years earlier and her teeth looked amazing. After that, my mom decided to have her teeth straightened and she was seventy-two. Then my sister-in-law got them. Now I wanted them more than ever. Shortly after I got braces at the age of fifty-two, my fifty-eight year-old sister jumped on the bandwagon and also had braces put on.

I love how my teeth look now and notice more and more older people with braces as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Randall and his staff. They are very friendly, kind and professional. If you have ever considered doing this for yourself I would encourage you to not put it off any longer. The sooner you get them, the sooner you will have a great smile with straight teeth. "A year from now you will wish you had done it today."
Janell Bingham
"I had a Class III Occlusion with a Bilateral cross-bite. I had been told by other orthodontists that I would need surgery to correct these complex problems. I was referred to Dr. Randall. He said he would be able to take care of it without any surgery. Dr. Randall did a great job. He explained every step and I was able to see the progress throughout the time I had braces. No surgery was needed and the issues have been corrected through wearing braces.

"Because of the complexity of my problems, I was surprised that Dr. Randall was able to complete my treatment in only 1 1/2 years.

"Dr. Randall and the office staff were great to work with. They always worked with my schedule. Dr. Randall was always there if I had any questions. I think Dr. Randall is a very skilled orthodontist and was able to get excellent results."
Dr. Val Bingham
Young boy with braces - Rigby orthodontic office

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