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What is Your Tongue Saying About Your Health?

When we think about taking care of our dental hygiene, many of us don’t think about taking care of the tongue along with our gums and teeth. However, the tongue is a large part of our dental care routine. The tongue can hold onto bacteria, that if not dealt with properly (brushing your tongue when

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4 Ways To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Whether your children are two or 12 getting them to take care of their teeth can seem like a never-ending battle. To make sure that your children take care of their teeth the way that you and your Idaho Falls orthodontist would like to see them take care of those pearly whites, we’ve rounded up

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5 Things No One Tells You About Braces

Everyone knows that getting braces is an event that changes your teeth and your life for the better. However, there are some things that for some reason, people don’t bring up when you are talking about getting braces. Yes, most people will tell you how uncomfortable they are at first and that it might take some time

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Virtual Consultations from Your Idaho Falls Orthodontist

Social distancing and stay at home orders are keeping many of us from living our “normal” lives. From browsing the racks at T.J. Maxx, gathering with friends and family, and even getting checkups from our doctors, dentists, and orthodontists, many of us feel stuck. To combat this, Randall Orthodontics in Idaho Falls is offering virtual

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Do I Need Urgent Orthodontic Care?

With all of the craziness brought into our world with the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to take some time and talk to you about urgent orthodontic care. We understand that orthodontic problems happen, and you’ll be happy to hear that they happen for almost everyone at some point. Unfortunately for you, that time may be

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