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Thinking About Invisalign ? Here’s What You Should Know

Many people who are considering orthodontic treatment to straighten their smiles and align their bites are generally searching for the most discreet option available. Since 1997, invisible aligners have been used to treat people who have mild teeth and jaw alignment issues. Although invisible aligners, more commonly known as Invisalign* , have helped thousands of

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10 Ways To Find Relief From Braces Pain

While getting braces put on doesn’t actually hurt or cause pain, the pressure from the newly tightened equipment can result in mild mouth pain when you first get braces. This is common when people first get their braces put on as well as, when their Idaho Falls orthodontist tightens the bands every six-weeks or as

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Thanksgiving Foods You Can Enjoy With Braces

Braces Friendly Foods To Make For Thanksgiving If you wear braces or have a child that is wearing braces during the holidays, you know that it can be challenging to make sure the right foods are available. No one wants to have to call their Idaho Falls orthodontist the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas to

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5 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing An Orthodontist

Taking your child to get braces can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if it’s your first time. Getting braces or any orthodontic treatment is a serious endeavor, and is one that requires time and consideration before diving in headfirst. With this in mind, Randall Orthodontics has compiled a list of the most common mistakes

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7 Common Bite Problems & How Braces Can Fix Them

A person’s “bite” refers to how their upper teeth and lower teeth meet inside the mouth. In a perfect world, everyone’s bites would come together seamlessly without the need for orthodontic intervention. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for most of us. A malocclusion or “bad bite” is when the upper teeth and lower teeth don’t

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